Personal Highlights

Gem Carving and Creative Design
  • 3 term past president of the Creative Jeweler's Guild of BC
  • Demonstrated carving in the 2001 Chinese Jade Exhibtion at the Vancouver Meuse
  • Commissioned by the Eagle Butte Sunstone Mine to carve a 100 carat Sunstone for a Smithsonian Exhibition
  • Guest demonstrator at the BC Gem and Mineral Show
  • Taught carving in both Canada and the US
  • Featured carver on the Juniper Ridge Opal website
  • Placed first 3 times in the Pacific Northwest Jewelry Guild's Competition 
  • Placed in the Silver category in the World  Jade Symposium 2014


My passion for gemstones began in the 1970's; when there was a revival of interest in Art and Jewelry.  I began my journey taking many courses in silver smithing and stone setting, using the only available stone around at the time - Cabochons and simple faceted gems.  I had seen carved gemstones from the Orient that intrigued me, but was unable to get information on them at the time so I joined the local Lapidary Club.  There I  learned the basics skills of cutting and polishing hard stones.

Through trial and error I carved my first free forms, mostly opaque stones.  When Munstiener produced the first "fantasy cut" in transluscent gemstones I was immediately hooked!  This is what I wanted to do, and I realized that the old glass carving techniques from Europe could be adapted to achieve this style.  By now diamond carving tools and diamond powder for polishing had arrived.  It became much easier to work the hard stones.  From there things evolved rapidly for me.  Being self taught, I had no preconceived boundaries to hold me back and I experimented to achieve results that were outside of the mainstream lapidary techniques.

Over the years I have taken many accredited gemology courses and have had the opportunity to work with some renowned carvers.  My interest in stones evolved into colour, reflection and light.  10 years ago I learned faceting and often combine both techniques.  My focus is on design; inspired the shape  and properties of each stone, making each piece unique.  Currently I work on private commissions and designs that inspire me.